rhonda bali tourHi My name is “Ketut Rhonda”
I am Balinese; I have vast experience in the field of tourism. After working as a travel  agent for 10 years,
I understand that travelers are looking comfort and high standard of service, to which we will happily provide.

Bali is a paradise for everyone,just about every attraction on the island attracts people of all ages.The combination of culture,Friendly people,exciting activities,delicious food and stunning sceneries make Bali as an ideal family holiday and tour destination

Rhonda Bali Tour offer you tour transport service in Bali with comfortable car and Bali private tour with personally tailored tours based around your own interests and what YOU went to SEE and DO in Bali.

We are also open to customize your itinerary besed on your interests and needs. Tell us a little bit about yourself or interests and we’ll make sure you get the most relevant information to make your trip unforgettable.Please do not hesitate to send me and Email or call before visiting.

If you have any questions about Bali , please do not hesitate to send an e-mail before coming to Bali, and we will assist you with any questions you may have, If you decide to or have already chosen our tour package we will be ready and be happy to assist you, ensuring you enjoy Bali with all that it has to offer!

We Look forward to meeting you,

Best Regars
Rhonda Bali Tour & teams
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