5 Top Snorkeling Places in Nusa Penida Tour Package

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5 Top Snorkeling Places in Nusa Penida Tour Package

5 Top Snorkeling Places in Nusa Penida Tour Package. Are you looking for Nusa Penida tour package for snorkeling? Bali Island is indeed surrounded by other heavenly tiny islands. One of them is Nusa Penida that is well-known for its beautiful beach and undersea landscapes.

That’s why; this island is recommended for you the snorkeling and diving lovers.

Particularly for snorkeling, it is even more than one spot to visit. Each of them has its own beauty and characteristic that should not be missed out.

5 Top Snorkeling Places in Nusa Penida Tour Package

What are the places included in the Nusa Penida snorkeling package? Here they are.

1. Manta Bay

Snorkeling Places for Best Nusa Penida Tour

Manta Bay is located in the western area of Nusa Penida. It is named Nusa Bay since this area has many species of big stingray, known as Manta Ray. Some of the animals are indeed considered small enough. However, you can also find the big ones that are more than a meter.

Uniquely, Manta Rays here are quite tame. They are almost never attracting the divers and the animals even seem to love playing with them. If you prefer snorkeling, the animals may not be simply approached. But sure, you can see them swimming around in the depth along with the stunning underwater sea landscape.

2. Buddha Temple

5 Top Snorkeling Places in Nusa Penida Tour Package

It sounds weird indeed how you can snorkel in a Buddha Temple. Well, in Nusa Penida, you can? There are some pieces of Buddha temple that are intentionally placed underwater for this tourist activity.

Interestingly, this effort is successful. People just love to snorkel and dive in this area not only to relax their minds but also to see the Buddha Temple underwater. The scenery is remarkable. So, don’t forget to prepare your underwater camera.

3. Crystal Bay

5 Top Snorkeling Places in Nusa Penida Tour Package

Compared to other snorkeling areas in Nusa Penida or even in Bali, Crystal Bay is probably the most popular one. Actually, the location is previously only a common beach just like the others. But due to the clear water, many tourists named it Crystal Bay Beach.

Further, they are interested to do some underwater activities here. By joining the Nusa Penida tour package, it is not only diving and snorkeling you can do but also riding a speedboat. Yes, you can see the corals and colorful fishes there even above the boat.

4. Wall Point

5 Top Snorkeling Places in Nusa Penida Tour Package

This water area is actually quite shallow. You can enjoy the scenery inside even without diving or snorkeling. But sure, if you want to see them more, you need snorkeling tools anyway. this area is recommended for you, the beginners of snorkeling.

The sea area is safe without big wave so that you can play there without worries. There are guides and instructors who are ready to help you to do this activity. Who knows, after visiting Wall Point, you become a snorkeling expert.

5. Mangrove Point

5 Top Snorkeling Places in Nusa Penida Tour Package

The location of Mangrove Point is actually closer to Nusa Lembongan than Nusa Penida. But sure, you can just reach this area by renting a speedboat. Mangrove Point is famous for its water biodiversity. There are various types of fishes, corals, and other sea creatures that you may not see in other areas.

Moreover, the water is crystal clear; enabling you to see what inside is from distance. Based on some visitor reviews, they just love to do snorkeling here for the water temperature that is cool but also warm. It is really comfortable and relaxing for sure.

For a special package for snorkeling, The Rhonda Bali Tour just make it available. There is a one day tour package that is started from Bali with affordable charges.

Recommended tour : One-day West Nusa Penida and Snorkeling Tour

Some facilities and accommodations are prepared including car rentals and inns or hotels to spend the nights. This way, enjoying the Nusa Penida tour package for snorkeling is getting easier.

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