7 Travel Guide to Nusa Penida

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7 Travel Guide to Nusa Penida

7 Travel Guide to Nusa Penida – Bali never stops giving its charm and beauty to attract local or international tourists from all over the world. Therefore, some people are too busy to visit only the popular and well-known places in Bali.

Even though there are actually some tourist attractions that are underestimated which are the most amazing and really worth visiting. Talking about some places that are underestimated in Bali, Nusa Penida is of course listed there.

7 Travel Guide to Nusa Penida

Located on the southeastern side of Bali, this small but exotic island offers amazing natural panoramas and a comfortable, quiet situation, something you rarely get in Bali itself. However, here are some guidelines for you before visiting this island so that your Nusa Penida tour can be even more impressive.

1. Determine the Right Time

One of the most important things to decide is, of course, the timing. You should avoid visiting this place in June because at that time the east Australian wind hits Indonesia, and Nusa Penida is definitely affected.

Besides that, if you visit this place in June, the waves are quite big and can affect your Nusa Penida recreation.
Wear Comfortable Clothes

Visiting Nusa Penida means you will visit many beaches. Therefore, you have to choose the right clothes that feel comfortable and fit you. Baggy pants and a cotton shirt are probably the best options. You should have prepared a few other things such as sunglasses, flip flops, a hat and what will make you comfortable throughout the trip.

2. Items are water resistant

If you are planning to visit Nusa Penida, you should definitely visit some of the other beautiful small islands nearby, namely Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. Therefore, you must prepare a waterproof bag and raincoat to anticipate when it rains later.

You should also take a speed boat from Sanur Beach to Nusa Penida and vice versa, so a waterproof bag will be useful throughout your Nusa Penida tour.

3. Stay Healthy and Hydrated

Nusa Penida is in Indonesia, a tropical country that has sunshine all day long and temperatures heat up. You will also do a lot of tracking when you visit the virgin beaches of Nusa Penida, especially Kelingking Beach with a 3 hour walk.

Therefore, you must make sure your body is healthy and hydrated. Don’t hesitate to carry a drinking water bottle anywhere. Unlike Bali’s beaches where the situation is crowded and there are lots of shops or sellers on the street, Nusa Penida is quieter and you don’t find small shops easily.

4. Choose the Right Accommodation

Accommodation and transportation are clearly the things that need your most attention because they can affect your entire Nusa Penida tour. Hotels with complete facilities that provide breakfast or maybe with a well-prepared restaurant are certainly at the top of your list.

You are better off booking online in advance to anticipate if you want to be overbooked, or especially if you will be visiting this place during the high season.

5. The Importance of Tour Guides

Nusa Penida is a small untouched island. There are lots of things you don’t recognize, and lots of hidden places that haven’t been explored yet. Besides that, you will find many uneven stone roads and you cannot use GPS because the signal here is quite bad.

Therefore, it is better if you hire a tour guide in advance or join a recreation program so that you can explore Nusa Penida effectively and comfortably.

6. Well-Designed Nusa Penida Itinerary

Nusa Penida consists of two spots. The first is the west side with Klingking Secret Point, Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong, and Crystal Bay. The second is the east side with Atuh Beach, Thousand Islands, views of Batu Island and Teletubbies Hill.

Therefore, you must prepare a well-designed itinerary to visit all of these popular places.

Recommended Nusa Penida Tour

Those are some tips that you can apply before visiting Nusa Penida Island with its untouched and raw beauty. If you want.

You can choose to use the Adventure Indonesia tour package themed Nusa Penida Tour Island Exploration which will provide everything for you.

From transportation, tour guides, itineraries to hotels and food when you visit Nusa Penida Adventure Indonesia is ready to serve you.

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