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Explore Nusa Penida with best Nusa Penida Tour and Travel

Nusa Penida Tour and Travel. are you in Bali and quite content to visit places there? Why don’t you continue your journey with Nusa Penida tour and travel? As information, Nusa Penida is a small island located in the southeastern region of Bali.

Compared to Bali itself, this island is not very popular. But this is what makes your vacation maybe more fun and challenging.

5 Amazing Spots to visit on Nusa Penida Tour and Travel

Apart from that, there are some amazing places that are recommended to visit as well. Here are 5 amazing spots.

1. Broken Beach

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This beach was originally named Pasih Uug. But the scenery does look like a beach that has been damaged by a giant rock. The area looks like a large bowl when viewed from above.

There are several spots with good views to add to your collection on your Instagram account. Moreover, the contrast of the blue sea and the green of the bushes around it makes it even more beautiful. However, it is not recommended to swim in the “bowl”.

This is caused by sharp corals that can injure you and big waves that just come.

2. Atuh Beach

Best Nusa Penida Tour and Travel

Indonesia has a very popular tourist destination for divers. His name is Raja Ampat. Unfortunately, this tourist attraction feels too far away if you are now in Bali.

Well, why don’t you visit a closer place similar to Raja Ampat? The names are also very similar; Raja Lima which is located in Bukit Atuh, Nusa Penida. There are incredible strands of coral to behold from a distance.

Then, the corals are surrounded by blue sea and white sand. Interestingly, the location also has a fresh spring next to the salt water. Although this phenomenon can be explained logically, of course it still feels so magical,

3. Angel’s Billabong

Best Nusa Penida Tour and Travel

Local residents say that this is a spring where nymphs like to bathe. It’s only natural to say that because Angel’s Billabong does have a very beautiful view.

With Nusa Penida tours and travels, you can enjoy the view of a large pond with coral around it. The water is very clear and you can swim right there. So, where are the angels? You can take your picture and say, this is it.

4. Crystal Bay

For those of you who want to enjoy underwater views, this spot is not to be missed. This place has been quite popular for the colorful corals and fish swimming around.

So, if you come here, don’t forget to bring your diving equipment or you can also rent it at the available stalls near the area.

What if you have absolutely no experience in diving? You don’t need to worry, you can snorkel here. Several guides here are ready to help you in doing this activity.

5. Manta Bay

Best Nusa Penida Tour and Travel

It is no exaggeration to say that Nusa Penida is another paradise for divers. Apart from Crystal Bay, there is also Manta Bay which is famous for its Manta Ray species.

This animal is quite friendly because it tends not to attack divers. You can even play with them and they seem to like it.

Not too far from Manta Bay, there is Kelingking Beach which is also famous for its beautiful natural scenery. So, if you get the chance to visit Manta Bay, take your time to go to the beach as well.

Recommended Nusa Penida Tour

There are still many amazing spots in Nusa Penida that cannot be mentioned one by one. It depends on your desire how many days to spend on this island.

To make your trip easier, Nusa Penida Tour can be one of the recommendations to choose as a travel agent. Offers several packages for the best experience of Nusa Penida Tour and Travel.

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